Join the adventure in Tesla’s dream universe INVENTORIUM -, and discover the world of unforgettable inventions, historical facts and fights for a better world.

You will take the role of inventor himself but also you will manage the Automaton, an electrical creature that Inventor sent in his dream universe. Only if you discover all lost inventions and apply them to the real world, will you make a better future for mankind.

animated TV series

In Tesla’s Museum in Belgrade, brother and sister (Sparky and Luna) discover the portal to INVENTORIUM – an alternate universe created by Nikola Tesla. This is the magical world of inventions that works in perfect harmony with nature.  But when Sparky and Luna come, little Automaton creatures start to appear causing  the troubles in Inventorium. The Great Inventor finds that Automatons bad behavior is connected to Sparky’s and Luna’s lack of science knowledge. Therefore he becomes their science tutor. Together they will solve many “scientific mysteries” caused by little automatons who will eventually become their obedient pets.



Before five years we had an amazing kickstarter campaign for the short animated movie “Tesla and the Lamplighter”, and thanks to backers we made the movie that was a part of Tesla’s exhibitions all over the world and won an award from Tesla’s Science Foundation.

Tesla and the Lampligher trailer

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Right after the release of “Tesla and the lamplighter”  we started pre-production of the feature animated movie “Tesla-Invention of Dreams” which was invited and presented on Cartoon- Media  manifestations in Lion, Barcelona and Seul, and attracted interest of some of the biggest studios and producers. We developed the movie in co-production with “My magical thoughts” studio and it has been supported by Europe Media Centar. Considering the fact that meanwhile the theaters were closed and many investors and calls that our budget depended on pausing their support, we devoted ourselves to the development of Tesla INVENTORIUM independent video game .


As a part of Tesla Inventorium project,  this year our studio will publish 200 pages novel written by the author of the movie. 

Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.” – Nikola Tesla


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